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Recommended short: Open My Eyes

Open My Eyes from Eli Daughdrill on Vimeo. Chris, a devout fundamentalist Christian, struggles with his faith after the sudden death of his son. Official Selection, LA Shorts 2015 Chris: Tony Carreiro Writer/Director: Eli Daughdrill Executive Producer: Mike S Ryan Producers: Eli Daughdrill & Nancy Bevins Cinematography: Charles Swanson Music: Linus Lau Editing: Adam Burr… Read more »

Echo of the Mountain (Variety film review)

From Variety Long fascinated by indigenous Huichol culture, noted Mexican documentary/features helmer Nicolas Echevarria (“Cabeza de Vaca”) turns his artistically sensitive, respectful eye toward master muralist Santos de la Torre in the beautifully made if repetitive “Echo of the Mountain.” One of the Huichol’s leading artists, de la Torre creates stunning, complex traditional murals out of… Read more »

The Master – Review

Excerpts from Allie Tollaksen‘s review at the The Observer, a student-run, newspaper serving Notre Dame and Saint Mary’s: … many assumed the film was a thinly-veiled history of a religion or a condemnation of its practices. But while “The Master” centers on a vulnerable World War II veteran (Joaquin Phoenix) who meets Dodd, the leader… Read more »

Snowpiercer vs. The Giver (1More Film Blog)

Kenneth R. Morefield compares the two recent movies. The more heavily the ideological deck is stacked in a film, the more the viewer is forced into a passive role. Rather than being invited to engage with the film”s ideas, viewers of The Giver are allowed only to affirm them and cheer their representative–Jonas–as he attempts… Read more »

May in the Summer – movie review

May in the Summer has a whole lot going for it, but in an embarrassment of thematic riches, it seems to lose sight of the core story it set out to tell in the first place: May’s story. Encapsulated in the question of, “Should I get married to the man to whom I am engaged?”… Read more »

Guardians of the Galaxy: Distributed Christ

I was expecting Guardians of the Galaxy to be a fun and funny summer action sci-fi flick and I wasn’t disappointed. I was more surprised to find a distributed model of Christ figure in it. The five main characters, who form a team, each represent one or more aspects of the Christian savior. I will explain… Read more »

Filmwell: Rectify as “Christian Art”

…Season 1 of Rectify played on Sundance last year, and a new season has recently begun.  If this season is anything like the last, Seitz’ suggestion that the show is “truly Christian art“ will only become clearer. Season 1 casts Daniel as an exile, his return fraught with the anxieties of Jacob returning to the anger of his brother Esau… Read more »

Women, Religion, and Film: Higher Ground Raises the Stakes

Sarah Sentilles provides an intelligent review at Religion Dispatches of a new movie titled Higher Ground. She starts it with Watching Higher Ground, Vera Farmiga’s directorial debut based on Carolyn Briggs’ memoir This Dark World, felt like catching a glimpse of a mythical creature I’d let myself imagine but never thought I’d see.