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Recommended short: Open My Eyes

Open My Eyes from Eli Daughdrill on Vimeo. Chris, a devout fundamentalist Christian, struggles with his faith after the sudden death of his son. Official Selection, LA Shorts 2015 Chris: Tony Carreiro Writer/Director: Eli Daughdrill Executive Producer: Mike S Ryan Producers: Eli Daughdrill & Nancy Bevins Cinematography: Charles Swanson Music: Linus Lau Editing: Adam Burr… Read more »

Church of England turns Jesus into drug addict

A former drug addict takes the place of Jesus – wearing a crown of thorns made from syringes – as part of a shock tactic advertisement the Church of England hopes will attract new worshippers this Easter. Rob Jones, 46, from Halifax, West Yorks, who spent years living rough punctuated by time in prison before… Read more »

Human | Religion | Faith

Humanity dictates how a person defines his life regardless of where he is born and what religion he follows. An interview crew reaches an orphanage to take an interview of the founder. Soon they notice a boy who is sitting all alone, they try to talk to him but he doesn’t respond. Soon they follow… Read more »

My Life, My Religion: Hinduism

What does it mean to be a Hindu? 14-year-old Simran explains all about her religion, Hinduism, in this Learning Zone programme for primary school children. Simran loves music and photography, and spending time with her younger brother Vraj. Simran and Vraj tell us all about the festival of Raksha Bandhan that celebrates the love between… Read more »

Judge The Individual Not The Religion

Is religion the only parameter to categorize human being? A noir drama with social message. Judge The Individual Not The Religion Cast & Crew: Director: Yogesh chiplunkar Music / Sound: Pritam Kale Editor: Nizamuddin Tolan Cinematographer: Yogesh chiplunkar Actors: Tahir Bhasin, Soham Jadhav, Shantanu Jadhav, Suvarna Jadhav

Thiedeman’s ‘Sacred Hearts, Holy Souls’ appeals to all audiences

A Catholic all-boys boarding school is an unlikely place for a red-haired, gay teenager to find unbridled acceptance, especially if he’s being bullied. Mark Thiedeman’s short art-house film, “Sacred Hearts, Holy Souls,” is a coming-of-age film that uses the opposing themes of pain and joy, religion and sex, bullying and personal freedom to illustrate that… Read more »

Unconditional – Atlanta Filmmaker Tackles LGBT Homelessness, Religion

Kent Igleheart is an Atlanta actor, but now he’s taking his turn behind the camera in his first short film called “Unconditional.” Igleheart said that one reason for the large number of homeless LGBT youths in the South is because of religion. In the film, though, Igleheart addresses religion from all sides. There’s Bradley, who… Read more »

Selling Religion, a comedy pilot

When an unemployed marketing wiz and her equally desperate ad man realize a prophet could equal profit, they set about using their skills to build the perfectly marketable religion with themselves at the top of the food chain. Think “Better Off Ted” or “Arrested Development” as they begin to lay the groundwork for the big… Read more »