Google’s “Reunion” commercial – conspicuous consumption

Here is an analytically perspective on a video that went viral last week Google’s “Reunion” commercial invites us to shed these doubts and bask in the joy of Google’s benevolent interfaith sway. The video concludes with the two men, worn with age, embracing with the timeless recognition that they thought would never come. A miracle. […]

Films at the MU Center on Religion & the Professions

The Center on Religion & the Professions at the University of Missouri has over 350 films to lend for free related to religion. Their full catalaog is updated and available here. Too give you a taste of what kind of films they carry, here are the movies starting with A: Abel’s Field The Abolitionists Abraham Access Denied: Navigating […]

Imaging the Ineffable: Representation and Reality in Religion and Film

There was an interesting conference in March, organized by Mahindra Humanities Center at Harvard University: Imaging the Ineffable: Representation and Reality in Religion and Film  The invitation reads: The paradox of showing what cannot be shown is a perennial issue in the fields of both Religion and Film Studies. In one of the most celebrated passages […]

Journal of Religion & Film: Volume 17, Issue 1 (2013) April 2013

The latest issue of the Journal of Religion & Film is now online: Volume 17, Issue 1 (2013) April 2013 . In addition to the Sundance and Slamdance 2013 reviews, it has additional film reviews, and eight new articles. The articles are: Spirit(uality) in the Films of Terrence Malick by Christopher B. Barnett The Problem of Evil and […]

Atonement in Les Miserables

Richard Lindsay ponders on the different theologies of atonement in his entry at Pop Theology on  Les Mis and the Doctrine of Atonement. His conclusion: …the theology of Resurrection fits Jean Valjean’s experience as well. After a few days in the rectory after the bishop’s merciful act, Valjean frees himself from his own guilt by […]

Articles added to the site in February 2013

The following six essays were added to the site the last month: The Italian Missionary Film and Fiamme by Maria Francesca Piredda Nothing Sacred: Ignatian principles of heroic leadership in entertainment media by John Levesque Religion and Cinema Horror by Douglas E. Cowan Religion in Science Fiction Film and Television by Douglas E. Cowan The […]

Fundraising campaign for producing video series on Jesus Myths

Over at Kickstarter there are 10 more days to support a “project to complete and publish a series of 19 short videos called‘Jesus Myths.’ These videos explore various modern myths about Jesus, and get at the facts behind the myths: The myth that Jesus never existed The myth that he could not have done miracles The […]

Camp and queer elements of Hollywood biblical films

Richard Lindsay, whose Ph.D. dissertation was about “The Camp and the Kerygma: Queer Readings of Hollywood Biblical Epics” wrote an essay “to an event surrounding an exhibit of Father Michael Morris’ biblical film poster collection. The exhibit, called Epic! 100 Years of Film and the Bible, was showing at the Jewish Museum of Australia in Melbourne.” The […]

Books added to the site: January 28, 2013

These ten books were added to the site today: Avatar and Nature Spirituality (2013) by Bron Taylor (Editor) Bible and Cinema: Fifty Key Films (2012) by Adele Reinhartz (editor) The Bloomsbury Companion to Religion and Film (2013) by William L. Blizek (Editor) The Dude and the Zen Master (2013) by Jeff Bridges and Bernie Glassman […]

Books added to the site: January 20, 2013

These eight books were added to the site today: Roman Catholicism in Fantastic Film: Essays on Belief, Spectacle, Ritual and Imagery (2011) by Regina Hansen Saint Paul at the Movies: The Apostle’s Dialogue With American Culture (1993) by Robert Jewett Saint Paul Returns to the Movies: Triumph Over Shame (1998) by Robert Jewett Say It […]