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The Club: Chile’s past accompanied by opaque religious elements

The Club is troubling on every level, the apparent reconciliation of its conclusion – rendered in, and reflected by, acts of religion that can’t help articulating spiritual purpose even when the context in which they appear is corrupted – as much driven by compromise as by the resolving will of any higher power, either secular… Read more »

Church of England turns Jesus into drug addict

A former drug addict takes the place of Jesus – wearing a crown of thorns made from syringes – as part of a shock tactic advertisement the Church of England hopes will attract new worshippers this Easter. Rob Jones, 46, from Halifax, West Yorks, who spent years living rough punctuated by time in prison before… Read more »

Film Series: “Faith and Religion in Film”

Few things inspire such passion and conflict–and such meaningfulness and peace–in our lives as religion. Join us for different looks at faith and religion through the lens of the filmmaker as we start our next film series at OLLI: “Faith and Religion in Film” on April 11. During April through July, we will screen these… Read more »

CALL FOR PAPERS: Divine Recognition

An area of multiple panels for the 2016 Film & History Conference: Gods and Heretics: Figures of Power and Subversion in Film and Television October 26-October 30, 2016 The Milwaukee Hilton Milwaukee, WI (USA) DEADLINE for abstracts: June 1, 2016 AREA: Divine Recognition This area invites papers that explore and debate cinematic portrayals of spirituality… Read more »

“Through a Class Darkly” – takes a look at religion in an unconventional way

A supernatural world full of mythical beings and musical songs set on East Carolina University’s campus comes alive tonight in Speight Auditorium. “Through a Class Darkly,” a film written and directed by ECU professor Michael Tierno, takes a look at religion in an unconventional way. Tierno, creator of “Through a Class Darkly,” drew from his… Read more »

Hell or High Water Trailer

”Hell or High Water” tells the story of a young pastor loved and adored by the people around him. Things change for him when he has to confront a hidden truth about himself—a truth that could make or break him psychologically. But, whatever decision he makes, he is still going to crash and burn, for… Read more »

BFI Flare: Who’s Gonna Love Me Now?

Who’s Gonna Love Me Now? follows Saar, a gay man from a very religious family in Israel. After being kicked out of the kibbutz because of his sexuality, Saar moves to London, where he enjoys all of the pleasures that had been denied to him in the restrictive space of his home country. These pleasures however,… Read more »