New film “The Lady of Heaven” explores story of Mohammed’s daughter Fatima [Patheos]

The Lady of HeavenFrom Patheos by Sister Rose:

“Lady of Heaven” is a rare film about Islam that may be its greatest achievement. It is more of an act of devotion from the Shia perspective than an historical drama that some may expect. The character of the grandmother and her grandson certainly reflects the virtues attributed to Fatima. Laith’s mother, beautiful and brave, is a martyr to her faith.

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The heart-wrenching journey of Lady Fatima, the daughter of Prophet Muhammad. Separated by 1400 years, an Iraqi child, in the midst of a war-torn country, learns the importance and power of patience. After losing his mother, the child finds himself in a new home, where a loving grandmother narrates the historical story of The Lady and how her suffering as the first victim of terror spun out of control into the 21st century.

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