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Documentarians Take On Religious Activism at Tribeca Film Festival

The Armor of Light

Religious faith goes to extremes at this year’s Tribeca Film Festival, as documentaries introduce spiritual leaders whose activism has made them lightning rods of controversy. The subjects range from the Pakistani cleric Abdul Aziz Ghazi (in “Among the Believers”), whose Islamabad-based Red Mosque indoctrinates Pakistani children in jihad, to the American evangelical minister Rob Schenck,… Read more »

Christian Film Market Offers More Than Just Entertainment, Hollywood Publicist Says

From The Christian Post Hollywood’s Christian film market continues to expand thanks to a growing consumer appetite for faith-based films. One Hollywood publicist believes that ultimately, Christian films have the potential to extend beyond providing superficial entertainment on the big screen to having a significant social and cultural impact in the modern world…. “There are… Read more »

Religious leaders unite to plead to ABC board

Almost 30 religious leaders have united to plead with the ABC board to refrain from planned cuts to the national broadcaster’s coverage of religion, which they say is “crucial in the life of our nation” and its identity. Christian, Muslim, Jewish and Hindu leaders sent an an open letter addressed to ABC Managing Director Mark… Read more »

30 minutes, three faith traditions

CBS television affiliates across the U.S. will explain a bit about Mennonites later this month. CBS Religion and Culture visited the Mennonite Heritage Center in Harleysville, Pa., Nov. 3 to film interviews for one third of a half-hour “World Religions” interfaith special. The annual program, which will begin airing in some markets Dec. 14, asks… Read more »

Superman And Jesus: How Superhero Films Revived Biblical Epics

The first part of Mark Hughes‘ two-part article in Forbes was titled “How Superheroes Helped Hollywood Rediscover The Bible” and started When a raging Sun makes death and destruction imminent for his people, an infant child is hidden inside a vessel and sent far away, where he’s found and raised by kind adoptive parents. The child grows… Read more »

Small films with religious messages

Hannah McGill at The Scotsman wrote about religious films on the account of “God Help the Girl“: Is this a Christian film? And what if it is? “The Bible’s my tool,” trills our ravishing protagonist, named Eve, in the course of the film’s first song. Later on, she and a friend talk positively about going… Read more »

Low-budget Bible Belt films meet the bright lights of Hollywood

Hollywood has discovered the Bible Belt — again. Here at GetReligion, our leader — Terry Mattingly — suggested in 2011: Someone needs to copyright that phrase, “Tinseltown is rediscovering religion.” You can make some money off it in three to five years. Back in March, USA Today reported on Hollywood finding “religion and profits at… Read more »

Calvary review: Brendan Gleeson faces a holy terror

A weary parish priest sits in the confessional at his tiny Irish church. Someone enters, and begins to speak. But it’s not about a sin he’s committed. It’s about one he’s going to. In a week, he tells the priest, he’s going to kill him…. “Calvary” begins with a bang — and threatens to end… Read more »