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Best Seat In The House Of Worship: The Temple Hollywood Built

There’s an 85-year-old building on Wilshire Boulevard in Los Angeles… Modeled after Rome’s Pantheon, the  was built by movie moguls — Louis B. Mayer of MGM; Irving Thalberg, MGM’s production head; Carl Laemmle, founder of Universal; and the Warner brothers. They all deployed craftsmen from their studios to adorn the temple. Read (listen to) full… Read more »

Watching Rick Santorum’s New ‘Religious Liberty’ Movie

The film’s subjects are familiar: Hobby Lobby, the Oregon bakers and Washington florist who refused to serve same-sex weddings (“The government shouldn’t force you to bake the cake!” audience members later argued), the Mt. Soledad Veteran’s Memorial with its tall cross on government property, the counseling student who refused to affirm a client’s same-sex relationships,… Read more »

A movie miracle: how Hollywood found religion

Big news from the box office: some people released some Christian-themed movies that weren’t completely terrible. The terribleness of Christian movies is, of course, an article of faith among film critics, who reserve for them their most damning barbs (“doesn’t even meet the standards of decent propaganda”; “doesn’t belong in a theatre”). On Metacritic and… Read more »

Spielberg directing Moses

Steven D. Greydanus wrote an article at the National Catholic Register a couple of days ago titled “Moses, Spielberg & DeMille: Why Spielberg should do the next Moses movie” After covering Spielberg’s past achievement and connections to DeMille he wrote,  A successful Spielberg-directed Moses story could be a cultural landmark of immense significance. It could have… Read more »