Reel Religion: Representations of Religions in Film

  • Professor(s): Ross S. Kraemer
  • When: 2009
  • Where: Brown University
  • Source
  • Religious practices, beliefs, and experiences are given diverse representations in film. In this course, we study some of these representations, with particular attention to critical issues in the interpretation of both religion and film, and references to major themes in the relevant religious traditions and literatures. This year's films include Star Wars VI: The Return of the Jedi; The Chosen; The Handmaid's Tale, Jesus of Montreal, Little Buddha, The Matrix, The Mission, The Name of the Rose; The Seventh Seal, Trembling Before G-D, Witness and Water. Collectively, they portray a range of religious traditions and practices, including contemporary Amish Christianity, Tibetan Buddhism, and orthodox Judaism; medieval Christian monasticism; mid-20th century Hindu devotion; an imaginary galactic culture long ago and far away, and others.

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