Articles added to this site in 2015

  1. ” And You Were There”: A Trip Down the Yellow Brick Road with the Academic Study of Religion by Laurel Zwissler (2014-10)
  2. Anti-Feminism in Recent Apocalyptic Film by Joel W. Martin (2000-04)
  3. The Apocalyptic Cosmology of Star Wars by John Lyden (2000-04)
  4. Appalachia on Film: “The Making of” Sergeant York by David D. Lee (1981-04)
  5. Armageddon at the Millennial Dawn by Conrad Ostwalt (2000-04)
  6. Beyond the limits of the law: a Christological reading of Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight by Timothy D Petersa (2015-10)
  7. The Binding of Abraham: Inverting the Akedah in Fail-Safe and WarGames by Hunter B. Dukes (2015-01)
  8. Blood-Suckers! The Concepts Revisionist and Anti-revisionist Mythology Introduced by the Vampire- and Werewolf-tetralogy Underworld (2003-2012) by Stefan L. Arvidsson (2014-10)
  9. Broken by God: Fate and Divine Intervention in Breaking the Waves by James Martel (2015-04)
  10. Bruce Willis as the Messiah: Human Effort, Salvation and Apocalypticism in Twelve Monkeys by Frances Flannery Dailey (2000-04)
  11. Cannibalism, Communion, and Multifaith Sacrifice in the Novel and Film Life of Pi by Michael Thorn (2015-03)
  12. Children of Men’s Ambient Apocalyptic Visions by Marcus O’Donnell (2015-03)
  13. Climbing a ladder to heaven. Gnostic vision of the world in Jacob’s Ladder (1990) by Fryderyk Kwiatkowski (2015-10)
  14. Close Encounters: The Gospel According to Steven Spielberg by Andrew Gordon (1980-04)
  15. Cloud Atlas’ Queer Tiki Kitsch: Polynesians, Settler Colonialism, and Sci-Fi Film by Gabriel S. Estrada (2014-10)
  16. Con Men and a Conned Society: Religion in Contemporary American Cinema by John R. May (1977-07)
  17. Confirmation of Prophecy by Proxy: Audience Anticipation and Reception of the 2014 Movie Left Behind and its Relevance to the Dispensational Premillennialist Worldview by Andrew R. Burns (2015-05)
  18. The Conversion of the Jews by Lester Friedman (1981-07)
  19. Cults, Cant, and Converts: An Ideological Issue in Xena:Warrior Princess by Wim Tigges (2015-03)
  20. Decoding the mise -en -scène of contemporary secular spirituality: a research monograph. Part I: context, approach and relevant literature by Graham Rossiter (2014-07)
  21. Deliverance: Four Variations of the American Adam by Robert Armour (1973-07)
  22. Derek Jarman’s Renaissance and The Devils (1971) by Rowland Wymer (2014-10)
  23. Discrimination towards Nasira as a Muslim woman and Rochel as an orthodox Jewish woman reflected in Arranged by Tri Wasiul Hakim (2013-06)
  24. Dystopian narratives and humanism. what a zombie makeover really looks like by Jordan Ryan Goings (2015-03)
  25. Eucharistic Imagery in Film: Two Patterns of Usage by Caesar A. Montevecchio (2015-01)
  26. Evil Looks Right Back at You: Portrayals of Catholicism in American Horror Story: Asylum by Mariana Colin (2015-05)
  27. An Evil Threat to Marriage, Children and the Future: Queer Theory, “The Passion of the Christ,” and Evangelical Political Rhetoric by Richard Wolff (2015-01)
  28. The Failure of a Pseudo-Christian Community in a Nation-State in Crisis: 28 Days Later by Karl E. Martin (2014-10)
  29. Faith Under the Fedora: Indiana Jones and the Heroic Journey Towards God by Chris Yogerst (2014-10)
  30. Faith, Doubt, and Chiasmus in Krzysztof Kieslowski’s Decalogue I by William Bartley (2014-10)
  31. Firefly – So “pretty” it could not die by Michael W. Marek (2008-02)
  32. Gabriel, Abortion, and Anti-Annunciation in The Prophecy, Constantine, and Legion by Jeffrey M. Tripp (2015-03)
  33. The Gendering of Pastors in Contemporary Nordic Films: Norms, Conventions and Contemporary Views by Sofia Sjö (2015-10)
  34. The Ha-Ha Holocaust: Exploring Levity Amidst the Ruins and Beyond in Testimony, Literature and Film by Aviva Atlani (2014-11)
  35. Holocaust Humor, Satire, and Parody on Israeli Television by Liat Steir-Livny (2015-08)
  36. ” Holy Book of Job, Batman!” by Little Raven (2015-06)
  37. How to Be a Genuine Fake: Her, Alan Watts, and the Problem of the Self by David L. Smith (2014-10)
  38. ” I Ain’t So Sure but What the Lord Done Put These Folks in Our Path for a Reason”: Latter-day Saints Building Communities Through Dancing in John Ford’s Wagon Master by Ian Dwayne Pettigrew (2015-10)
  39. I Dream, Therefore I Am: What Dreams May Come by Susan L. Schwartz (2000-04)
  40. ” If you can hold on…”: counter-apocalyptic play in Richard Kelly’s Southland Tales by Marcus O’Donnell (2014-10)
  41. Imperialism in New Testament films by Jeremy Punt (2014-12)
  42. Iranian Women, Iranian Cinema: Negotiating with Ideology and Tradition by Najmeh Moradiyan Rizi (2015-01)
  43. Is Slumdog Millionaire a Retelling of the Ramayana?
    by William L. Blizek (2015-10)
  44. Islam in Turkish Cinema by Bilal Yorulmaz and William L. Blizek (2014-10)
  45. John Huston’s Wise Blood (1980) : On Southern prophets and con men by Anne-Marie Paquet-Deyris (2015-07)
  46. Joseph McBride on Three Godfathers by Joseph McBride (1973-07)
  47. ” Like You Could Read What Was Inside of Me”: Genocide, Hermeneutics, and Religion in The Wizard of Oz by Ken Derry (2014-10)
  48. Make Way for Youth: The American Jewish Committee and the Social Problem Film by Art Simon (2013-10)
  49. Media Review: Bollywood Religious Comedy: An Inaugural Humor-neutics by Sheila J. Nayar (2015-07)
  50. The Menace of the Religious Movie by A. W. Tozer (1974-01)
  51. Missionaries, modernity and the moving image: re-presenting the Melanesian Other to Christian communities in the West between the World Wars by Stella Ramage (2015-02)
  52. Modern Mythology: 2001 AD: A Space Odyssey by John M. Hood (1974-03)
  53. The Movie Mogul, Moses and Muslims: Islamic Elements in Cecil B. DeMille’s The Ten Commandments (1956) by Michael D. Calabria OFM (2015-01)
  54. Muslims in Film and Muslim Filmmaking in the United States by Hussein Rashid (2014-12)
  55. Myth, Religion, and the Man Behind the Curtain by Michael Ostling (2014-10)
  56. The Non-Place between Sacred and Profane: Utopian Gestures in the Apparatus of Semiocapitalism in Laurent Cantet’s L’emploi du temps by Tamas Nagypal (2015-01)
  57. On Teaching “Jesus in Fiction and Film” by Darren J. N. Middleton (2015-04)
  58. A Path Less Traveled: Rethinking Spirituality in the Films of Alejandro Jodorowsky by Adam Breckenridge (2015-10)
  59. ” People in Hell Want Slurpees”: The Redefinition of the Zombie Genre through the Salvific Portrayal of Family on AMC’s The Walking Dead by Joshua D. Ambrosius & Joseph M. Valenzano III (2015-04)
  60. Personal Identity and Angelic Touch in Wim Wenders’ Wings of Desire by Chris Venner (2015-01)
  61. Puerile Patriarchs of an Infantilized God. Mythological Meme Mutations in Contemporary Cinema by Doru Pop (2015-07)
  62. Recognition and Rejection of Sikh Identity in Film by Geetanjali Singh Chanda (2014-08)
  63. The Rejection of Rationalism in Recent Science Fiction Films by Lane Roth (1981-06)
  64. Religion and film in American culture: the birth of a nation by Krzysztof Jozajtis (2001-06)
  65. Religion and the Anzac Legend on Screen by Daniel Reynaud (2015-04)
  66. Religion, Education and The West Wing by Diane Corkery (2014-10)
  67. Religious Films in Zimbabwean Contexts by Adam T. Shreve (2015-07)
  68. Religious Tourism and TV Serials: the Case of Two Italian Papal Birthplaces by Lorenzo Bagnoli and Rita Capurro (2014-12)
  69. Religious Transcendence and the Horizons of Culture: Observations on the Role of Religion in American Film by W. Richard Comstock (1981-10)
  70. Representation of the Apocalypse in Hollywood Cinema by Dr. Abbas Assadi, Rahime Zeynali (2015-03)
  71. The Resurrection Days Are Over: Resurrection from Doctor Who to Torchwood by Jim Clarke (2015-03)
  72. Revisiting The Ghosts of Vatican II: Gender in Catholic Horror Cinema of the American 60s and 70s by Currie Dixon McKinley (2015-05)
  73. Robert Wise’s The Day the Earth Stood Still Part I: A Religious Film? by Anton Karl Kozlovic (2013-10)
  74. The Seventh Seal by John C. Stubbs (1975-04)
  75. Star Wars, the Future and Christian Eschatology by D. W. Ingersoll Jr., J. M. Nickell, C. D. Lewis (1980-11)
  76. Stars, Light, and Finding the Way Home: Jewish Characters in Contemporary Film and Television by Terry Barr (1993-08)
  77. Television vampire fandom and religion by Minja Bloom (2013-06)
  78. Temporality in Ancient and Contemporary Revelations: Hypermasculinity and Violence in the Book of Revelation and Donnie Darko by Alexander Cox-Twardowski (2014-08)
  79. ” There’s No Place Like Home”: An American Koan by David L. Smith (2014-10)
  80. Trauma, Guilt, and Ethics in BeTipul and In Treatment: The Universalist Approach and (Jewish) Particularism of Psychoanalysis in Transnational Television by Michaela Wuensch (2015-08)
  81. True Love’s Kiss and Happily Ever After: the religion of love in American film by Jyoti Raghu (2015-08)
  82. Ulak (The Messenger): a mystic fable of Islamic messianism by Ebru Thwaites Dikena (2015-10)
  83. Undoing the Claim of Objectivity: Contradictions at the Heart of Bergtji van der Haak, Saudi Solutions (2005) by Anisa Saeed Mohammed Nasser (2015-01)
  84. ” We Are Legion”: Primal Dreams and Screams in the Satanic Screen by Carrol L. Fry (2015-10)
  85. What the Frak, Frankenstein! Teenagers, Gods, and Postcolonial Monsters on Caprica by James H. Thrall (2015-07)
  86. When Church and Cinema Combine: Blurring Boundaries through Media-savvy Evangelicalism by Deborah Justice (2014-02)
  87. William Blake’s Jerusalem and the Los Angeles of Film Noir by Harold Henry Hellwig (2014-01)
  88. Woody Allen, Theologian by John Dart (1977-06)

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