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Dartmouth’s Religion faculty discuss the value of a liberal arts education

“I think the academic study of religion is a portal to the liberal arts.” “Our [religion] students come out particularly well-schooled in their writing skills…their oral communication skills, and in their critical thinking skills.” “Above all, [the study of religion] provides insight into what it means to be human.” These observations, and more, by Religion… Read more »

In God We Teach – full documentary

Are teachers allowed to express their personal opinions in the classroom? Are teachers allowed “academic freedom”? And can competing theories be taught alongside evolution in a public classroom? These and other questions are the focus of the full-length documentary, “In God We Teach,” which follows the “separation of church and state” controversy played out in… Read more »

Google’s “Reunion” commercial – conspicuous consumption

Here is an analytically perspective on a video that went viral last week Google’s “Reunion” commercial invites us to shed these doubts and bask in the joy of Google’s benevolent interfaith sway. The video concludes with the two men, worn with age, embracing with the timeless recognition that they thought would never come. A miracle…. Read more »