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Dartmouth’s Religion faculty discuss the value of a liberal arts education

“I think the academic study of religion is a portal to the liberal arts.” “Our [religion] students come out particularly well-schooled in their writing skills…their oral communication skills, and in their critical thinking skills.” “Above all, [the study of religion] provides insight into what it means to be human.” These observations, and more, by Religion… Read more »

The Iraqi Yazidi and Yazidism Religion, Who and what is it? – Documentary

The Yazidis are a Kurdish religious community whose syncretic but ancient religion Yazidism (a kind of Yazdanism) is linked to Zoroastrianism and ancient Mesopotamian religions. They live primarily in the Nineveh Province of Iraq. Additional communities in Armenia, Georgia, and Syria have actually been in decline since the 1990s as a result of significant migration… Read more »

Science and Islam – A Documentary Film

Islam and science addresses the relationships between the religion of Islam, its adherents’ (Muslims) communities and the activities known collectively as science. As with all other branches of human knowledge, science, from an Islamic standpoint, is the study of nature as stemming from Tawhid, the Islamic conception of the “Oneness” of God.

Short film: Five

Five children, five religions, (almost) five minutes. This short film takes us from the mundane to the sublime, from the chaotic to the peaceful, and for a moment we consider our beliefs about spirituality. Director – Katina Mercadante

Dawn of Victory (1966)

Dawn of Victory (1966) is one of the four titles that form part of the Gospel Film Archive’s 2015 Easter Collection. It’s later than many of the films released by the GFA and whilst it still clearly made on a limited budget, it’s a more accomplished production than many similar-level projects from the 40s and… Read more »

Behind the Walls, 2011 Muslim Short film

This movie on Islam and society depicts a non Muslim (Christian, Atheist, Jewish etc.) man trapped with a Muslim Women in an elevator. It challenges the racist ethnic and prejudices of western society and encourage peace between cultures. Should cultural differences trump compassion? Should compassion trump cultural differences? Which is more important to uphold?