the Books of the films: Trends in religious film-analysis

  • Author(s): Steve Nolan
  • When: 1998-03
  • Where: Literature and Theology
  • Serious writing on religion and film began in the USA during the 1960s, but in this country it has remained largely unread. This paper offers a critical survey of the main English language contriputors, in each case analysing the writers' methodology. As a result of this survey it is possible to locate three broad areas of theological engagement with film. An interest in what Hurley terms ‘cinematic theology’ characterised by a preoccupation with directorial ‘vision’ and the search for cinematic analogue with religious concern (Wall, May, Hurley); biblical-hermeneutical interest, in which films are considered as interpretation or development of biblical themes (Kreitzer, Jewett); and a general religious studies approach which engages film at a cultural level (Martin & Ostwalt).

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