Transcendental Time Traveler in Continuum S04E04

In the latest episode of Continuum (the fourth episode of the fourth season of a Canadian sci-fi TV series) a new character was introduced. He is presented as a kind of Messiah who can travel through time. He does the latter differently than the others in the show who need a complicated machinery to accomplish time travel. Right after he is described as “he was chosen”, light (a universal mystical symbol) appears in his body and he disappears (or travels) through it. It was told through a narrator that his purpose is to “make things right”, to “repair everything”. The latter phrase strongly corresponds to the Jewish concept of Tikkun Olam. His physical appearance is simple, a cross between a guru from India and a modernized classical Jesus figure.

The main character of the show–Alec, a young technical genius, who becomes the inventor of the time machine–first dismisses what the idea of this person, saying ” I don’t buy it, all this pseudo-science is just metaphysical bullshit.” Seconds later Alec is touched by the traveling savior, see screenshot on the forehead. That touch is right on the third eye and is familiar to those who saw anointments and mystical touches by gurus, like Osho. It usually is expressed as a transferring of energy that is life-altering for he recipient. In our case it enables Alec to meet and converse with his future old, self and out of their conversation a deeper understanding of what is needed and what is possible emerges.
Transcendental Time Traveler in Continuum S04E04

There was little reference to religion earlier in the show, beyond treating several groups who believed in their various missions as new religious movements. By that I mean that they usually had a charismatic leader and the accolades were true believers who would do almost anything for the cause. This new person brings a flavor to the show that. I hope, will not just spread more knowledge about religious concepts, but also keeps the show entertaining.


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