Ultrainocencia / Ultrainnocence [FilmThreat]

Poster for Ultrainocencia / UltrainnocenceBy Norman Gidney at FilmThreat

Does God exist? Can science prove it? This is the MacGuffin that services the film Ultrainocencia. The Spiritual Primordial Project, a consortium of the most powerful minds in religion and science from around the globe, has decided to prove the existence of God himself. The problem is that the two dolts they choose to conduct the experiment might not be the best candidates. Directed by Manuel Arija de la Cuerda and written by de la Cuerda, David Climent, and Pablo Molinero this comedy works in fits and starts. When it is funny, it’s hilarious, but it equally stumbles and struggles.

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Does God exist? Two blessed and rather bold test subjects Orión and Adán intend to prove it in a scientific experiment run by a mysterious religious organisation.

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