Why Every Christian Should Watch ‘Calvary’ … and Avoid ‘God’s Not Dead’

CalvaryHeaven is For Real and God’s Not Dead are not Christian movies.

They are not even religious movies. They are schmaltzy, vacuous, “inspirational” movies.

[…Calvary] is a dark, dark comedy. I found myself laughing and cringing, angered and saddened, hopeful and despairing. But never, ever lost. Calvary is an incredibly profound and hopeful portrait of a priest and the crisis facing the modern church.

It’s a film that is mean to be discussed and wrestled with.

And that, to my mind, makes it truly a religious movie, or at least, a
movie for the religious. You won’t find the vacuous escapism into the white-washed world of God Is Not Dead. You won’t find the naivety of afterlife experiences of a little boy of Heaven is For Real. You won’t find simple reassurance that everything is going to be okay.

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