New Film “To Believe” Chronicles True Stories Of Ukrainian Persecution

To BelieveFrom JubileeCast

EWTN’s brand new film, To Believe tells the true story of Ukrainian Fr. Sebastian Sabudzinski and his parish during the Soviet Union’s persecution. Viewers who want to know what life is really like after a Communist invasion need look no further than To Believe. The film was produced by EWTN Ukraine in Kyiv, a city which is now under assault after Thursday’s invasion by Russia.

This outstanding hour-long film presents the true story of Father Sebastian Sabudzinski and the families in his small Catholic parish during the Communist persecution. As the film opens, viewers see a round-up of priests marching through a forest where they are given one last chance to renounce their faith. When there are no takers, all are shot to death by a firing squad. But the story really begins in 1953 when a man, who had been taken from his family as a young boy and interned in a concentration camp for 30 years, returns home to his family. The film then flashes back to 1921 and the events that led to the man’s internment.

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The film describes the story that takes place among the prisoners in the camp, who are secretly praying and being bullied by the guards. At the same time, the screen shows the lives of believers who, while remaining in the Vinnytsia region, continue their quiet struggle for the faith. The film is based on real events.

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