What the Wine? #11: Six reds from “A Discovery of Witches” S03E06

What wines are they drinking in “A Discovery of Witches”?

Three bottles of red wine on Gerbert's desk

Around the 24th minute of the sixth episode of the third season of “A Discovery of Witches” Gerbert D’Aurillac (played by Trevor Eve) receives Domenico (Gregg Chilingirian) for a celebration in his office. While the latter doesn’t know yet what is there to drink to, three opened bottles of old red wine are there to emphasize the moment. Make that six, but not all open, as the bottles on Gebert’s desk seem to be different ones than the on the coffee table. He sure wants to celebrate, and being a centuries-old vampire allows him to bring out the really old wines. Do you recognize any of them?

Where is it from? A Discovery of Witches is a British TV series with vampires, daemons, and witches set mostly in contemporary Britain. It is currently in its final, third season.

*This post is part of a series where I share the wines that are consumed in movies and TV series as I notice them.


After receiving Benjamin's message, Matthew leaves Sept-Tours at dawn to track him down; Diana enlists Sarah's help to finally get the Book of Life.

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