Watching God’s Top 10 Movies for 2021 [Patheos]

From Patheos by Paul Asay

Sure, the films that land on this list are, I think, pretty good films. They’re artistically sound and aesthetically pleasing. They tend to be movies that moved me, too—movies that I liked or said something that I feel is worth saying. But because this is Watching God, after all, these movies also have some spiritual heft to them, too: They might be deeply religious or just have a kernel of faith. Or, in some cases, they just make me think about my own beliefs in my own off-kilter way. I’ve linked to those that I’ve written about in a little more depth than a top 10 list allows, too…


1. Belfast: [..] Sights and sounds from the classic High Noon help frame Belfast as not just a bittersweet, funny reminiscence, but a moral crucible, where character is both formed and tested. And perhaps as Buddy’s thundering preacher would say, the best road can be the toughest.

2. The Power of the Dog

3. The Tragedy of Macbeth …

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Trailer for Belfast:

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