Articles of 2014/13/12 from the Journal of Religion and Popular Culture

I just loaded 13 relevant articles from the last 8 issues of Journal of Religion and Popular Culture i.e. all the 2012-2014 issues available into this site:

Christmas in the 1960s: A Charlie Brown Christmas, Religion, and the Conventions of the Television Genre by Stephen J. Lind
Doctor Who: Christianity, Atheism, and the Source of Sacredness in the Davies Years by Sarah Balstrup
The Horror of (a) Playing God: Job’s Nightmare and Michael Haneke’s Funny Games by Bradley Herling
The Humorous Reproduction of Religious Prejudice: “Cults” and Religious Humour in The Simpsons, South Park, and King of the Hill by David Feltmate
“I’ve never murdered anyone in my life. The decisions are up to them.”: Ethical Guidance and Cultural Pessimism in the Saw Series by John Walliss, James Aston
Jewish Performativity on Sex and the City by Rachel E. Silverman
Let this Hell be Our Heaven: Richard Matheson’s Spirituality and Its Hollywood Distortions by Christopher M. Moreman
No Magic against Love, or Dark Seduction Redirected: Perspectives on the Fantasy Film Krabat by Almut-Barbara Renger
Proud Mormon Polygamist: Assimilation, Popular Memory, and the Mormon Churches in Big Love by Tanya D. Zuk
Real or Not Real: The Hunger Games as Transmediated Religion by Yonah Ringlestein
Reconsidering Apocalyptic Cinema: Pauline Apocalyptic and Paul Thomas Anderson by David Congdon
Some More Light on the Text: Watching HBO’s Deadwood with and without the Apostle Paul by Matthew W. Mitchell
When You Walk Through the Garden: HBO and the Cross Pressures of Post-Secular Humanism by Andrew Atkinson

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