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Articles added to this site in 2015

” And You Were There”: A Trip Down the Yellow Brick Road with the Academic Study of Religion by Laurel Zwissler (2014-10) Anti-Feminism in Recent Apocalyptic Film by Joel W. Martin (2000-04) The Apocalyptic Cosmology of Star Wars by John Lyden (2000-04) Appalachia on Film: “The Making of” Sergeant York by David D. Lee (1981-04)… Read more »

30 recent articles from the Journal of Religion & Film

I just added the abstract of 30 recent  articles from  the Journal of Religion & Film to the site. From issues Volume 18, Issue 1 (2014), Volume 17, Issue 2 (2013), Volume 16, Issue 1 (2012) and Volume 15, Issue 2 (2011). – Closing the Loop: “The Promise and Threat of the Sacred” in Rian Johnson’s Looper by Brian… Read more »

High octane genuflection: theology of Mad Max

The Mad Max series shows society and culture devolve with each installment. It is about the worship of the machine and the mechanized destruction it can visit upon humanity. As the series evolves we see the bleakness change, becoming a strange reverence for the machine as savior. While the machine age led to the destruction of humanity,… Read more »

Buddhism and Film (Special Issue of Contemporary Buddhism)

The latest issue of Contemporary Buddhism: An Interdisciplinary Journal (Volume 15, Issue 1, 2014) was a Special Issue focusing on Buddhism and Film. I just added its articles to this site Pema Tseden’s Transnational Cinema: Screening a Buddhist Landscape of Tibet by Dan Smyer Yu Space Buddhism: The Adoption of Buddhist Motifs in Star Wars by… Read more »

Journal of Religion & Film: Volume 17, Issue 1 (2013) April 2013

The latest issue of the Journal of Religion & Film is now online: Volume 17, Issue 1 (2013) April 2013 . In addition to the Sundance and Slamdance 2013 reviews, it has additional film reviews, and eight new articles. The articles are: Spirit(uality) in the Films of Terrence Malick by Christopher B. Barnett The Problem of Evil and… Read more »

Articles added to the site in February 2013

The following six essays were added to the site the last month: The Italian Missionary Film and Fiamme by Maria Francesca Piredda Nothing Sacred: Ignatian principles of heroic leadership in entertainment media by John Levesque Religion and Cinema Horror by Douglas E. Cowan Religion in Science Fiction Film and Television by Douglas E. Cowan The… Read more »

The October 2012 issue of the Journal of Religion and Film

The October 2012 issue of the Journal of Religion and Film is online. It contains 10 essays, one book review and four film reviews. As usual, each piece is available as a PDF download, free of charge. Here is a quick table of contents: Articles The Magdalene Sisters: How to Solve the Problem of ‘Bad’… Read more »