Actress Alexa Vega talks ‘The Remaining,’ the Rapture, religion

alexa vega photoThere have been a lot of religious-themed movies that have come out this year like “God’s Not Dead” and “Heaven is For Real,” but I’m thinking “The Remaining” might be a little different.

That’s what I like about this movie. Whether you’re religious or not, this is something you can enjoy. If you happen to be religious, it’s that more powerful. For me, my faith is everything. It’s super important to me. I love being entertained, so it’s great having those two things together in something that is not corny or typical. Like, “Here’s a Christian movie that we’re making.” Those are so cheesy. [“The Remaining’] is scary. If you read the story of the Rapture in the Bible, it is the scariest thing! It is not fun! I feel like [the film] hits all those aspects. There are happy moments in the Bible. This is not one of them. The creatures that come out of the sky and the way they’re described in the Bible and the way they were created and their wings, they look like a Dementor meets a hornet. It’s such a creepy creature and they did a great job with them. It’s haunting. I watched it with my husband before we went to sleep and we both were freaked out of our minds.

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