RIP Wes Craven (remembering him with his words on faith)

Wes Craven passed away. In his memorey here is an excerpt from “Wes Craven on Film, Fear and Faith

Asked if he considered himself a religious person now, Craven responded, “I don’t do anything in an organized way.” Rather, he has come to see filmmaking as the most significant way to express his beliefs and longings.

Craven said he found something in the whole process of crafting a film, from the business nuts-and-bolts to “wrestling with my inner demons and inner glimpses of light,” that was more satisfying and beneficial than anything he could have done in traditional venues of religious service.

“I think that’s … the best approach to (the) spiritual … I’m capable of,” he said.
And the filmmaker draws on religious and philosophical categories to analyze the horror-film genre of which he is an acknowledged master.

“Horror films somehow come and confront” the dark, incomprehensible side of humanity, Craven said. “They’re very much like an inoculation against a deeper and darker and more frightening reality.”

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