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The Ark (2015)

Interestingly The Ark starts with a shot taken under water. In a film about a flood there’s barely a drop of the stuff on display. The Ark is surely the driest Noah film on record. Not only is it set in arid desert, but the rains don’t start until the last ten minutes and even… Read more »

Agnes of God – A weird ’80s church mystery set in Montreal

The film: Agnes of God (1985) Does Montreal play itself? Yes. Though most of the action actually takes place in Berthierville (and the Berthierville convent scenes were shot in an old private school outside of Guelph), Jane Fonda’s office and home are in Montreal. Most egregious local landmarks: It’s a veritable cornucopia of recognizable landmarks…. Read more »

Berlin Film Review: ‘Golden Kingdom’

A cultivated sense of calm — no more or less than you’d expect from a study of Buddhist practice — permeates “Golden Kingdom,” an impressively disciplined, occasionally transporting debut feature from globe-trotting American helmer Brian Perkins. Blending documentary-style observation with supernaturally embellished storytelling, this picturesque portrait of four child monks in Myanmar forced to fend… Read more »

Dawn of Victory (1966)

Dawn of Victory (1966) is one of the four titles that form part of the Gospel Film Archive’s 2015 Easter Collection. It’s later than many of the films released by the GFA and whilst it still clearly made on a limited budget, it’s a more accomplished production than many similar-level projects from the 40s and… Read more »

Kumaré: Creating Authenticity

Why do individuals need an authentic source? Why must we have a real guru or supernatural force to legitimize our faith? In the film Kumaré, Kumaré’s followers were willing to listen to him because he seemed to be a real guru. However, as the film progressed, Kumaré provided the same amount of help and peace… Read more »

8 Excellent Movies about Religion

These films are examples of passion plays, or are inspired by the current of traditional religious stories that pass through the center of any given culture. Why Has The Bodhidharma Left For The East The Korean film Why Has The Bodhidharma Left for the East created by Bae Yong-kyun, may be difficult to get your… Read more »