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The Criterion Collection: Don’t Look Now

Don’t Look Now is one of the rarest types of films. Not only is it an unnerving thriller saturated with supernatural themes concerning grief, deceptive appearances, ESP, and acceptance of death, but it is also one of the few films to improve on its excellent source material, the 1971 short story of the same title… Read more »

Two by Two/Ooops Noah has Gone (2015)

Two by Two/Ooops Noah has Gone (2015)

One of the most interesting of these is the way the film examines the issue of nature versus nurture. Other films look at how we can break free from our upbringing, or move past traumatic experiences from the past. By assigning personality traits to the evolutionary make up of species Two by Two is able… Read more »

Metéora (2012)

Metéora (2012)

Paradoxically there’s both a familiarity about Spiros Stathoulopoulos’ Metéora (2012) and a sense of novelty. It’s reminiscent of a number of films which do hear some similarity thematically but are very different in terms of style. It concerns the ordinary lives of those living in remote mountainous monasteries and bears many similarities with Into Great… Read more »

Noble (Bradley, 2014)

Noble (Bradley, 2014)

Did I want a biopic that was critical of its heroine? Of course not. But I wanted one where she was presented as a fully realized human being. The Christina Noble represented in this film is a walking sermon object lesson. Expository dialogue–the practice of having a character verbally explain or interpret the the meaning… Read more »

The Savior (2014) – review by Bible Films Blog

The Savior (2014)

The film not only stars Israeli-born actor Shredy Jabarin in the lead role – which is of itself, I believe, something of a first – but all the dialogue is in Arabic. Whilst Jabarin’s ethnicity and the filmmaker’s decision to opt for a Middle-Eastern language are more quasi-authentic than fully authentic, it does make watching… Read more »

King of Kings (1961) Revisited


And herein lies the basis of Ray’s gospel: Jesus is a messiah of peace that stands in opposition to all this power and violence. Perhaps this is why there is a such a preponderance of low angle shots in this film, stressing the towering magnitude of the Roman Empire and the lowly humble path Jesus… Read more »

Content Television Takes On Patterns of Evidence: The Exodus

On Patterns of Evidence: The Exodus

Content Television has secured the international distribution rights for the feature-length documentary Patterns of Evidence: The Exodus, in which filmmaker Timothy Mahoney chronicles an archeological investigation in Egypt as his team attempts to corroborate the biblical text. From Thinking Man Films, the doc seeks to answer the question of whether or not there is any… Read more »

What This All-Star Christian Movie (Do You Believe?) Gets Wrong About Christianity

Do You Believe?

If you read the reviews of “Do You Believe?”—the new Christian film from PureFlix—you will get a pretty good idea of whether you’re the movie’s intended audience. If my mind should generate some pious-sounding blurt, and if I should then find it enjoyable to inflict that blurt on other people, then sure, I might be saying something… Read more »

The Antkeeper (1966)

The Antkeeper is certainly a novel little movie. Just shy of half an hour and the only Jesus-as-an-ant movie I know of. It’s premise is a simple one – to explain the Gospel as a metaphorical story about ants and their watchful keeper. In and of itself the idea will be surreal enough for some,… Read more »