Agnes of God – A weird ’80s church mystery set in Montreal

Agnes of GodThe film: Agnes of God (1985)

Does Montreal play itself? Yes. Though most of the action actually takes place in Berthierville (and the Berthierville convent scenes were shot in an old private school outside of Guelph), Jane Fonda’s office and home are in Montreal.

Most egregious local landmarks: It’s a veritable cornucopia of recognizable landmarks. Fonda’s office is at 2085 Union, just down from the McGill music building on Sherbrooke. The court is played by the Ernest Cormier building on Notre-Dame, and one of Fonda’s searches for clues happens in the Saint-Sulpice Library on St-Denis. Of course, this being a movie about religion, the very first establishing shot of Montreal has the cross on the mountain in the foreground.

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