The Priests of Cyborg

  • Author(s): Peter C. Reynolds
  • When: 1993-07
  • Where: The Month
  • As Christianity becomes less influential in the national culture of the United States, its role is being filled by a materialist vision of the afterlife expressed in the imagery of science and technology—what I call cyborg religion.1 Cyborg religion references the quantum theory, molecular biology, and computer models of the brain, but it is a radical departure from conventional science. Where science has traditionally been hostile to religious concepts, dismissing them as insufficiently empirical, cyborg religion offers its believers a comprehensive cosmology and personal eschatology couched in the language of scientific materialism. In cyborg religion, the human body is star dust, created in the Big Bang, and the dead will someday be regenerated from a portion of their frozen remains, just as their personalities will be promulgated through outer space as immortal waves of radiant energy.

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