Timbuktu review

Timbuktu posterIt seems so inconceivable how evil is masked behind such a human face. These fundamentalist don’t resemble monsters, they are civil and at times even seem remorseful as they carry out heinous actions and unjust punishment all in the name of religion.

There are characters in Timbuktu that are central to the film. A local cattle farmer named Kidane (Ibrahim Ahmed), proud father to two and a loving husband, is entangled in a situation where he is placed under arrest and longs to see the faces of his family just one more time. He, like all the inhabitants of this land, places his fate in the hands of God while the jihadists carry out their agenda also in the name of God.

Throughout the ages various crimes against humanity have been carried out in the name of religion and that theme is evident in this striking film. What makes Timbuktu so riveting is that fact that no one seems to be an actor. It’s authentic and feels almost like you are watching real events unfolding in front of you.

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