Holocaust Satire on Israeli TV: the Battle against Canonic Memory Agents

  • Author(s): Liat Steir-Livny
  • When: 2016-07
  • Where: Jednak Książki
  • For many years, Israeli culture recoiled from dealing with the Holocaust from a humorous or satirical perspective. Since the 1990, a new unofficial path of memory has begun taking shape in Israel. Texts that combine the Holocaust with humor are a major aspect of this new memory. The case study includes three skits by The Chamber Quintet (Hahamishia Hakamerit, “Matar” Productions, Channels 2-Tela’ad, Channel 1, 1993-1997), the first who dared to use satire to criticize the Holocaust memory agents in Israel. The paper analyzes the changes in the attitude towards Holocaust humor in Israel through theories of trauma and secondary trauma. Contrary to perceptions that these satirical skits disrespect the Holocaust and its survivors, the paper argues that these skits do not constitute cheapening mechanisms, but are nurtured by pain and criticism of a post-traumatic society.

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