Film Review: Ordet (1955)

OrdetPerhaps the most intriguing elements of the film for me were the questions raised by the ghostly Johannes’ belief that he is Jesus Christ. The seminal moment in which he attempts to resurrect Inger from the dead, and swiftly enters into a blackout once he is confronted with the truth that he is not Jesus, is without a doubt one of the starkest images, and for most of the film perhaps the truest evidence that God has deserted his children. In a universe in which people are so desperately clinging to their fundamental faith and miracles appear to have disappeared, it very much seems like the final nail in the coffin of God. And yet, the finale shows Mikkel and Johannes asking God to resurrect Inger, and the miracle happens. Whilst the ending may put off many viewers due to it’s adherence to the idea of an interventionist God, the moment is one of relief for the main characters. Don’t they deserve that, after we have witnessed their horrendous struggles?

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