Stars, Light, and Finding the Way Home: Jewish Characters in Contemporary Film and Television

  • Author(s): Terry Barr
  • When: 1993-08
  • Where: Studies in Popular Culture
  • Ultimately both Joel and Ed are right. We are a global village, we do belong to the same tribe. And since we can't hang with five billion people, we must select our tribe of friends. But instead of selecting for homogeneity's sake, why not for the sake of cultural diversity? Given the rise of hate language, hate crimes, and general intolerance toward Jews and other minorities, as we see nightly on the news and read in newspapers and magazines, it is significant that the main character of a popular TV series is Jewish. That Northern Exposure explores the many cultures is a positive sign that even network TV realises the essential value of trying to unify Americans by portraying, finally, the richness of our diversity.

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