Impact of Television Advertisement on Consumer. Buying Behavior: The Moderating Role of. Religiosity in the context of Pakistan

  • Author(s): Bushra Anjum, Attiya Irum
  • When: 2015-12
  • Where: International Interdisciplinary Journal of Scholarly Research
  • The present marketing era shows large dependence on television advertisements which have created serious social and ethical problems due to their materialistic focus. These problems are particularly seen in many Muslim countries including Pakistan in terms of diversion from their cultural and religious values. Main objective of our study is to analyze that to what extant religiosity impacts the buying behavior of Pakistani consumers by watching portrayal of women in television advertisement. For this purpose, relevant data has been collected from 200 respondents through questionnaire. Our survey instrument included a list of 30 statements on a five-point scale. To test our model regression analysis was carried out with the help of SPSS which revealed the positive relationship between television advertisement and consumer buying behavior in the presence of women. However, on the other hand, this relationship becomes negative in the religious minded people. The results of this study are significant. Findings of our study reflect practical implications for marketers to choose appropriate advertisement themes and styles in observance of cultural values and religious beliefs of local society. The study will be helpful for advertising agencies to prevent them from big losses by making blameless advertisements which are accepted by all of the peoples of our society including the religious minded consumers

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