Alienation of Moslem Identity in Tariq Mahdi’s Character as Seen in Mooz-lum Film

  • Author(s): Roikhatul Jannah
  • When: 2019-07
  • Where: State Islamic University Sunan Kalijaga
  • An individual, in a position of a minority, will negotiate his identity for some reasons. That individual in that situation always maintains his new identity except of certain situations force him to go back to the old identity. This research discusses the changing of the main character's Moslem identity, Tariq Mandi, which m hidden by the character because of his trauma and discrimination when he was a child. As a minority, usually one has a close relationship with other minority as CasteII (2010) said to prevent them as an oppressed side and avoid the discrimination, but Tariq does vice-versa. He does not want to be a part of a minority (Moslem) otherwise he wants to be a pan of a majority (American man). This research aims to identify the changing of Tariq's identity and how he negotiates himself to reconcile his Moslem identity. This research uses qualitative method and applies Identity theory by Manuel Castel's. The researcher concludes that Tariq has two ways in concealing his identity, both are by practices and signs. Then, he negotiates his identity by being conscious of his acts and tying to forgive and forget his bad past by his family and friends' help. In the end, he has hybrid identity that comes from American and Islamic culture.

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