Adrenaline (Simpkins, 2015)

Adrenaline If you are not already predisposed to like Christian movies, nothing here will change your mind. That said, every class of films, even in genres you don’t like, have better or worse examples. In terms of writing, acting, and production values, Adrenaline is closer to a television movie than a feature-film, but–and this is meant as a hard earned compliment, not a back-handed one–a competent television movie.

The film’s protagonist is Joseph Jenkins, a young racer who is paralyzed from the waist down as the result of an accident. (The accident itself looked like it might have been animation or shot with a scale model, because the car flips way too many times, but it is still encouraging to see Christian productions dabbling in special effects for key scenes.) In the hospital he is befriended by a physical therapist (young, gorgeous, and female, of course) and another patient (old, African-American, and spiritually Yodaish, of course).


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