The Vatican Tapes – An Epic Battle Between Good and Evil

The Vatican TapesThe Vatican Tapes, directed by Mark Neveldine and starring Kathleen Robertson, Djimon Hounsou, Michael Peña, and Olivia Dudley, is a movie that follows two priests examining exorcism tapes from the Vatican who stumble on a more intense path – an eschatological duel with the Antichrist himself….
The age old battle between the divine and the fallen angel has deep roots in the Christian collective conscience and like any other set of beliefs that make us who we are, this tenet will forever be a source of artistic inspiration. Judging solely from The Vatican Tapes’ first official trailer, we can expect a high quality production in terms of visual effects, suspense, and adrenaline rush. The trailer introduces the story of men of God doing God’s work on Earth facing the ultimate battle: a war with a possessed body and a soul that’s being slowly devoured by the Devil.

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