‘Little Boy’: Changing the culture, one film at a time

Little BoyWhen was the last time you saw a truly great film, one that inspired you, made you laugh or even shed a tear or two? There aren’t many movies like that these days.

Little Boy,” set to open nationwide on April 24, is just such a film, and its producers are hoping Americans will pack theaters and prove once again that there is a hunger for enduring themes such as faith, hope and love.

Local Catholic attorney John Jakubczyk has been helping to promote “Little Boy” over the last several months.

“The power of film in today’s society cannot be overestimated. Everyone is affected by the movies,” Jakubczyk said. “The big blockbusters are seen by everybody and those films influence the way people behave and the way they think.”

Auxiliary Bishop Eduardo A. Nevares of the Diocese of Phoenix offered a similar take on the impact of movies on culture.

“It’s very important that we get our Christian messages across in that medium to offset what is being produced by Hollywood and trying to be shown as the norm of our culture today,” Bishop Nevares said. “We need to always be in that medium with our countercultural message.”

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