Seth Rogen’s animated film Sausage Party is provocative food for thought

 Sausage Party Rogen presented his unfinished new film – a crude comedy that questions the existence of God – with This is the End co-writer Evan Goldberg at SXSW

Sausage Party also offers food for thought amidst all the crude humor. In addition to being a film about our food, it is also a film that questions the existence of god – and the harm religion can breed.

Rogen said that the theological aspect of Sausage Party came into focus as he and Goldberg developed the project over eight years. “It’s so weird to say that about a movie where you just saw a turnip blow a radish,” said Rogen.

Vernon said the animation will be completed in a month, with lighting effects finished in May. Legendary composer Alan Menken (Aladdin) is set to handle the score. “He’s deeply ashamed of this,” Rogen joked.

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