The Forgiven: New faith film has Cabarrus connections

The Forgiven“The idea of ‘The Forgiven’ is wrapped up around whether or not these people can forgive him, because he not only acted against these people, but he acted against God as well,” Burgess said. …
The project is among several Turner has worked on over the years, first making films with friends in his backyard when he was 10 years old and entering his work into film competitions.
He is currently in the process of self distributing “The Forgiven,” which he shot for little more than $20,000 with a total of 18 shooting days. He’s already working on a sequel with his company, Pinewood Productions, which also shoots weddings and other projects.
Like Burgess, Turner sees his filmmaking as a way to glorify God and help people think about their faith.
“My approach to Christian filmmaking is, ‘if Jesus was a film director, what would his movies look like? What would they talk about? Who would they follow?’” Turner said. “He was more interested in following gangsters, and prostitutes and stuff like that,
people that were lost. And that’s where he spent his focus on. So I don’t make movies for Christians, I make movies for everyone.”

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