God, Religion And Bollywood: An Uneasy Relationship And How Bollywood Manages To Do It

Poster for Dharam Sankat MeinBut movies like Oh My God as well as PK changed the way religion was perceived in Bollywood as it became more daring and started asking questions. Oh My God starring Paresh Rawal as a non-believer and Akshay Kumar as Lord Krishna, opened to tremendous response. A movie that lay bares the fact that religion has become a form of business in India, brought out bouquets as well as brickbats with several radical groups threatening the lead actors with their lives. Oh My God challenged the very believe of God with Paresh Rawal playing a Gujarati businessman who is an atheist and how after his shop getting destroyed in a stray earthquake fails to get compensation from God as the insurance company cites the reason that it is an act of God and with nowhere to go he files a case in the court against God that outrages the entire nation. Subtly done as it exposed everything wrong related to religion

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