Hillsong: Let Hope Rise

let-hope-riseThe church that conquered the album charts is hoping to do the same at the box office. The Hillsong Church’s latest foray into mass media is the feature film, Hillsong: Let Hope Rise, which will be distributed by Roadshow Films and Warner Bros for a simultaneous American and Australian release in the first week of April next year. Not that anyone wants to talk about it. Representatives of the Sydney-headquartered megachurch refused to talk about the documentary or its content, referring Reel Time to Warner Bros in the US, which refused to respond. All that is known is Michael John Warren is directing the film and he has a heady resume, including the 2004 documentary feature about Jay Z, Fade to Black, and recent docos about Drake (Better Than Good Enough) and Nicki Minaj (My Time is Now).

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