Fundraiser: Chosen: Custody of the Eyes

Chosen: Custody of the EyesA young nun’s journey into a cloistered religious order in Rockford, Ill., has been captured on film to become a feature-length documentary.

Through her study of the religious order, the 36-year-old Reese, an independent scholar and interdisciplinary artist, developed a close, yet respectful, relationship with Heather, a young woman who began in 2005 to think about joining the Poor Clare Colettine order. This is a strict community of nuns that follows an 800-year-old religious rule.

For example, the nuns wear traditional habits, often go barefoot, stay behind structures with barred windows and can be seen praying while kneeling on hard surfaces.

Abbie Reese is using crowd-funding to help raise money for post-production work on the film…She’s chosen the website since she believes it is a good source for such artistic projects. Her goal is to get all the funding in place and then begin post-production work on the film. Her goal is $25,000, and she has raised close to $3,000 so far.

Read whole article at The Quad-City Times

The crowdsourcing campaign at Indiegogo

The film’s official site

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