Religion Through Film

  • Professor(s): Dr. Cheryl B. Rhodes
  • When: 2013
  • Where: University of South Carolina / RELGZ491F
  • Source
  • Religion often plays an important role in film, but does film play an important role in religion? Perhaps the better question is, “Does film play an important role in the way people understand religious concepts?
    Although it may be that the best reasons for “going to the movies” are to be entertained and eat popcorn, understanding a film is actually quite involved. Movies not only reflect life, they also have the capability of shaping our norms, values, attitudes, and perception of life. Through the media of film, one can find stories of practically anything imaginable and some things unimaginable. The moviemakers can use their art to entertain, to promote political agendas, to educate, and to present life as it is, was, or could be. They can present truth, truth as they interpret it, or simply ignore truth altogether. A movie can be a work of fiction, non-fiction, or anything in-between. A film is an artist’s interpretation. What one takes away from a film depends upon how one interprets what has been seen and heard. Understanding film is indeed complex.

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