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Family and religion (drama from the 1940’s)

The Huntley Film Archives posted a 22 minute drama from the 1940’s on YouTube, see below. The post also includes a detailed synopsis of the film. Whay fo you think its titled “film and Religion”? I couldn’t figure it out.

Santitos/Little Saints (1999, Mexico) review

The premise is simple: a mother has doubts about her only daughter’s death and hasty funeral. Instead, she strongly suspects a case of conspiracy and human trafficking. A deeply religious person, she appeals to her little saints, her santitos, and the lines between reality and delusion quickly begin to blur. The search for her daughter… Read more »

“Mencintai Nisan,” or “Loving (a) Tombstone.”

Dimas Brodjonegoro, the Jakarta-based artist has dived into filmmaking with his directorial debut, “Mencintai Nisan,” or “Loving (a) Tombstone.” It’s a story that uses the template of a romantic drama to examine the fraught relationship between devotees of different religious groups in Indonesia, and the sensitive topic has made it a challenge for Dimas to… Read more »

Martin Scorsese directs movie about Jesuit mission to 17th-century Japan

Martin Scorsese, whose 1988 film “The Last Temptation of Christ” ignited national controversy, is negotiating with Paramount Studios to distribute a new movie about Jesuit missionaries, according to the show business newspaper Variety. The historical drama “Silence,” stars Andrew Garfield and Liam Neeson and begins shooting in Taiwan later this year. Based on Shusaku Endo’s… Read more »

Bright Day! – ‘mockumentary’ about new-age religions

A satirical ‘documentary’ that pokes a sharp and goofy finger at new-age religions, modern self-help movements (ala The Secret, Oprah, etc.) and their seductive ‘you can have everything you’ve ever wanted’ message. Tripp Bailey, a washed-up journalist and wanna-be documentarian, as he tries to infiltrate and debunk Pyrasphere, ‘Hollywood’s Fastest-growing New Religion.’ Along the way,… Read more »

God’s Not Dead Review

“God’s Not Dead” follows several characters as they face life challenges. The main story revolves around an atheist philosophy professor, played by Sorbo, who challenges a Christian college freshman to a debate. Subplots include a reporter struggling with her cancer diagnosis; a woman hiding her Christian faith from her family; and two ministers trying to… Read more »

The Gray Area of the Religion Debate

From another review of Calvary Similar to last year’s Philomena, Calvary emphasizes and criticizes the various facets that have wounded the Catholic Church’s public image and forever changed many people’s views of these institutions. Now, this movie is quite interesting on a tonal level because at times, it can be exhaustingly tragic and somber, but… Read more »

Camino de Santiago book and movie

I’ve seen a few weeks ago “The Way” a deeply spiritual and visually satisfying movie about a father who goes for a pilgrimage known as “The Way of Saint James” or “Camino de Santiago”. I strongly recommend the movie that is now available on DVD. I’ve been wanting to write about the movie, but what prompted… Read more »