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Fundraiser: Divine Shadow Season 1: Justice

Please support the production of a new series by a friend of mine: Imagine the world without love or empathy, compassion or forgiveness. What if this hinged on the existence of a few, a few who hold in the balance what it is to be human? Divine Shadow A teen girl named Shiphrah suffers at… Read more »

Canadian Muslims Plan Film on Youth Radicalization

A crowd funding campaign has been launched to finance a new movie, Tug of War, a story of two Muslim youths who become exposed to radicalization and relates their journey to opposite ends of the spectrum. The two main characters in the film are well-known Toronto-based Muslim artists, Boonaa Mohammed and Mohammed Zeyara.

Exaltation – Fundraiser – Hartley Film Foundation

From the Hartley Film Foundation Few things are consistent throughout human history. The use of dance as an expression of culture and self-expression, and as a method of veneration to higher powers, is one of those constants. Exaltation will explore the universal use of dance around the world to communicate a reverence for the spiritual…. Read more »

Fundraiser: Contradiction: A Question of Faith

Contradiction: A Question of Faith confronts the paradox of church saturation in Black neighborhoods throughout the United States that far too often are coexisting in the midst of poverty and powerlessness. Why are there so many churches yet so many problems? This is a serious question that is addressed in a way that has never… Read more »