Discrimination towards Nasira as a Muslim woman and Rochel as an orthodox Jewish woman reflected in Arranged

  • Author(s): Tri Wasiul Hakim
  • When: 2013-06
  • Where: Diponegoro University
  • Arranged, is a film which contains of stereotypes, prejudice, and discrimination based on the religion in Brooklyn. This film shows how two women from two different religion backgrounds receive stereotypes, prejudice, and discrimination not only from the elders but also form the children. On the other hand, they can maintain their beliefs in the middle of the modern American society. Nasira who represents a Moslem woman and Rochel who represents an Orthodox Jewish are the main characters of the film. They work as teachers in a public school, Brooklyn, New York. The result of this analysis shows that the stereotypes, prejudice, and discrimination does not influence the way Nasira and Rochel living related on their religions and beliefs. They can still overcome all those problems without giving up their norms and values that they get from their own religion and community. They are successful in defending their beliefs and they can stand and live along together with the modern American society that indeed consists of many different cultures, religions, and ethnics in Brooklyn, New York

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