Ethos, Pathos, Logos: the Versatility of a Hijab Video Advertisement

  • Author(s): Intan Fitri Aisyah Hamzah, Naqibah Izzati Mohammad Johan,, Noor Hanim
  • When: 2019-11
  • Where: European Journal of Literature, Language and Linguistics Studies
  • Advertisement is a medium of communication utilized by organizations in order to convey their intended messages to their targeted audience. It can be divided into two main groups which are digital and physical advertising. As for video advertising which is the chosen business document for this paper, it belongs in the former type. Nowadays, it can be seen that more organizations are inclined towards the utilization of video advertising as it is believed as capable in reaching to maximum number of audiences in no time. Therefore, the rhetorical elements of ethos, pathos, and logos are adapted as the instrument in analysing the selected video advertisement. These aforementioned elements are categorized as appeals which serve different functions and have the ability in helping to increase the persuasiveness level. With that, the objective of this paper is to examine how the rhetorical elements are used in the video advertisement of a hijab brand. As for the findings, it shows that ethos, pathos and logos are being used synergically as the persuasive tools to influence the audience. With the presence of this study, it is hoped that it can shed some light on the effectiveness of implementing these rhetorical elements in video advertisements.

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