Blood-Suckers! The Concepts Revisionist and Anti-revisionist Mythology Introduced by the Vampire- and Werewolf-tetralogy Underworld (2003-2012)

  • Author(s): Stefan L. Arvidsson
  • When: 2014-10
  • Where: Journal of Religion & Film
  • By undertaking a structuralist influenced analysis of the vampire- and werewolf-tetralogy Underworld the author argues for the usefulness of the concept “revisionist mythology” and “anti-revisionist mythology” in the study of the history of religion in general and in the study of popular mythology in specific. These concepts point to dramaturgical, but also ethical and ideological, changes within the world of commercial pop-mythological artefacts. The article focuses on certain aesthetic aspects of the tetralogy that unveil counter-cultural traits that might be labelled socialist. The article ends with speculations about the causes for the strong revisionistic and anti-revisionistic trends that are taking place in contemporary, popular mythological subcultures.

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