Mennonite article of faith and zombie nativity “Z Nation” (Season 2, Episode 5)

The latest episode (Season 2, Episode 5) of the  light zombie TV series “Z Nation” had two a serious and a silly religious theme in it. The serious one occurred  when some of the heroes from the show decided to enter the hall that the Mennonite community was using as a hospital and take their medicine. They did so, because it was enough to save two of their own, but not enough to save all the Mennonites. They did it at gunpoint and the Mennonites just recited their article of a faith, instead of resisting.

Mennonite article of faith

In an earlier conversation it was made clear tat they believe it is better to be killed than to kill someone. Here are the exact words they said:

We believe that peace is the way of God. We follow the way of peace, justice unity. We practice not to resist. Even through violence, even through war. All suffering comes from resisting. God is called us to seek justice and to make peace. To love our enemies. And to never seek revenge.

I tried to find where this article of faith come from, but didn’t. On one hand the shows creators made sure that we see the Mennonites as heroes as they manage to resists to defend themselves from being robbed of the medicine that could save some of them. On the other hand the viewers were also made to think of them as weak, who ultimately will not survive in this harsh new world.

Parallel to these events a woman was giving birth in a barn to the very first child conceived by a half-zombie. There were at least three elements introduced to draw a similarity to Jesus’ birth. There were three oriental-looking zombies approaching the place of the birth tagging alone a camel, which was out of place. There were also all sorts of animals free gathering towards this new focal point. And finally if this wasn’t enough a bright star appeared over the barn. The writers of the show made sure that we know it was a distorted Nativity scene. I assume the “Z(ombie) nation” savior was born there and then. We’ll surely see in upcoming episodes, whether this assumption is correct.


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