Working Together: Arabs who love Israel?

This film producer wants the world to hear their stories

Issues pertaining to the Arab-Israeli conflict make headlines around the world on an almost daily basis, but American film producer Max Federman feels that there is a sore lack of positive stories about Israeli society in the media. He set about to change this, with a documentary called ‘Working Together’ that shines a light on Muslim Arabs who love their lives in Israel, delving into matters of employment and business opportunities, education, women’s rights, security, health care, and freedom of religion and expression.

“This project is foremost about giving a voice to a narrative that is typically overlooked by the mass media,” Federman tells The Jerusalem Post. “It’s not about a political agenda or lofty ideals of peace; but rather about simply presenting the views of individuals who see the value of showing the world the day-to-day realities of coexistence in Israel.”

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