Movie review: Mr X

Mr XMr X has its share of divine interventions and dramatic conflicts between science and religion.
The film draws an analogy between Krishna and Arjun and God and Mr X.

In the Mahabharata, the hero declares, it was Krishna who came to Arjun’s aid. It is now my turn to lend a helping hand to God, he says before he sets out on his chosen revenge mission.

Amyra Dastur, who is clearly not a finished article yet but is promising enough, has a substantial role and she makes the most of it.

Arunoday Singh plays the principal antagonist, an ambitious senior police officer who thinks nothing of breaking the rules to get ahead in life.

The character of the corrupt cop isn’t fully etched out, and so his motivations remain far too hazy to be convincing.

That is the problem with Mr X as a whole. It is overly contrived, flouts logic at crucial junctures of the narrative, and fails to be gripping. And that is the least that a sci-fi drama should be.

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