RIP Sir Richard Attenborough, director of “Gandhi”

Richard Attenborough photoLegendary British film actor Sir Richard Attenborough passed away on August 24 at the age of 90….While Attenborough was not known as a religious man, he remained agnostic about the possible existence of a higher being. Admitting that he would remain open to the idea of faith, the actor and film-maker was critical of organized religion which he saw as a source of conflict. Attenborough told The Scotsman, “I can’t believe, as Gandhi did, that there’s only one religion, one form of practising your credo. I am at a loss. I will go on trying because I would be arrogantly stupid not to, but having to adhere to custom and conviction in terms of practice I find destructive rather than constructive. It seems to me that organised, formal religions have done a fair amount of damage in terms of our chances of living without confrontation.”

Read Alison Lesley’s article at World Religion News

Photo by BagoGames

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